Outdoor Materials




Saturday House uses technically superior fabrics that are guaranteed to resist fading, staining, mildew, and mold, and are easy to maintain. We use SOLUTION-DYED, WOVEN, ACRYLIC fabric which will not fade like printed "indoor/outdoor" fabric. Most fabrics start out as colorless fibers that are woven into yarn before they are dyed. In contrast, solution-dyed acrylic is dyed before the yarn is ever created: a liquid acrylic solution is mixed with dye and then formed into a fiber and spun into a yarn. This creates a super-hero fabric that is soft, color-fast, and water-resistant. Buyer Beware: It turns out many fabrics labeled "indoor/outdoor" or "performance" are merely solid color outdoor fabrics with a colored design printed on top. These printed fabrics will fade quickly and they are far less sturdy for outdoor use. 



Saturday House uses the highest quality outdoor memory foam with cutting edge technology for optimal water drainage and air circulation. The wide open foam cells make for a cool and comfortable seating experience and are formulated with an anti-microbial agent to prevent mold and mildew.  Buyer Beware: There are many impostor foams on the market. If it's quality foam, you should be able to pour a cup of water over it and the water should run straight through it. If the water runs off to the side, it's an imitation. 



Saturday House uses top-quality outdoor gel that feels so much like real goose down, we’ve had some clients ask us to make indoor bedroom pillows. For all of our pillows we use our unique Saturday House ratio of foam to fill and the result is a squishy softness that is pure heaven.  And of course it's mold, mildew, stain, UV light, and weather-resistant too.